Cocoa Village may get $15 million, 100+ room, 5-story hotel with a ‘sky bar’

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Sprawl Repair: What It Is and Why We Need It – Features | Planetizen

Sprawl repair should be pursued using a comprehensive method based on urban design, regulation, and strategies for funding and incentives – the same instruments that made sprawl the prevalent form of development, says Galina Tachieva, director of town planning at Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company…” Read the full article here:

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10min Walk from Riverfront Park

#Rockledge  Mall is a 10min walk from Cocoa Village’s Riverfront Park. A walkable Village Center there would contribute to this great nbhd. 

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Create walkable village centers using the #SmartCode 

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Extension of Cocoa Village

I would view a Village Center at Rockledge Mall (old Sears plaza) as an extension of Cocoa Village and follow a similar style. #Rockledge

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Redeveloping a Parking Lot

We could use a similar approach on any of these three sites. Divide the large parking lot into small, traditional blocks. #Brevard

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Lots of Room

Lots of room to do something wonderful here to create an attractive center of activity for this area! #Walkable #Rockledge

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