10min Walk from Riverfront Park

#Rockledge  Mall is a 10min walk from Cocoa Village’s Riverfront Park. A walkable Village Center there would contribute to this great nbhd. https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/919264919475892224 

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Create walkable village centers using the #SmartCode https://www.smartcodecentral.com https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/918645185604669447 

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Extension of Cocoa Village

I would view a Village Center at Rockledge Mall (old Sears plaza) as an extension of Cocoa Village and follow a similar style. #Rockledge https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/918152136910917633

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Redeveloping a Parking Lot

We could use a similar approach on any of these three sites. Divide the large parking lot into small, traditional blocks. #Brevard https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/917522591144923136

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Lots of Room

Lots of room to do something wonderful here to create an attractive center of activity for this area! #Walkable #Rockledge https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/917017725406470144

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New Life for Rockledge Mall?

Let’s look at these sites and how they could become walkable village centers. The old Sears Plaza on US1 is an almost empty shopping center. https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/917000064953995265

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Rockledge Village Center Possible Site #3

…Or the Lowe’s Plaza at Barnes/I-95 and Fiske in Rockledge (potential Village Center site). #Brevard https://twitter.com/walkablebrevard/status/916998643487518721

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