Office Uses in Cocoa Beach?

office workers walking in plaza aerial view

Hi, I have been pondering something that I thought some of you might be interested in.  How about adding more office uses into the mix in select locations up and down A1A as an economic generator?  Has anyone thought of this?  Adding another use type would bring a whole other realm of activity to the city, would be another way to support local retail, and would also create higher demand for residential.  Office use in the city would allow commute times to be shorter for people and give office employees the option of living close enough to work to walk or ride a bike there.  Not sure why we’ve thought that Cocoa Beach should continue to just be a “bedroom community”.  The trends are all pointing away from bedroom communities and toward balanced communities.  Just thought I’d throw this one at you guys.  I’m going to be writing some articles on this subject and will let you know as they come out.  In the meantime, let’s discuss the pros and cons of adding office uses in Cocoa Beach.  Jump over to and write on the wall if you’d like to comment on this publicly or just send a message or call me anytime.  –Barry

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