A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words – Street Trees for Brevard!

A picture is worth 1,000 words…  I ran out and took some pictures this week to help illustrate some of the things we are hoping to accomplish here at Walkable Brevard.  I think I’ll be doing more of that this year.  I got some shots of some of the bad stuff around here that we would like to see changed and some of the good stuff that we should be doing more.

The bad news first…  Here is a shot down the street I live on in Merritt Island.  It’s a somewhat typical neighborhood.


The biggest problem I see here is there are no street trees to speak of.  The sidewalk looks pretty stark and there’s no shade.  There are a couple of trees along the street that you will find in the neighborhood here and there if you’re really looking, but for the most part, NO STREET TREES!

Now, in contrast below are a couple of views down a street in Merritt Park Place, Merritt Island’s little historic downtown, that has some street trees…


What a difference a few trees make!  This is only a few miles away from my neighborhood, but what a contrast!  How much more inviting does the street with trees look vs. the one without?  There is no reason we can’t create more tree-lined streets in neighborhoods all over Brevard.  It’s in fact very important that we start adding more street trees if we want to create places that are walkable.  Trees providing shade from the sun on the sidewalk and the street are essential to the safety and comfort of walkers.  There are many more benefits to street trees outlined in this article by Dan Burden titled “22 Benefits of Urban Street Trees”: http://tinyurl.com/street-trees-dan-burden

Let’s do this … and why not now?  Walkable Brevard is initiating a program to plant street trees all over the county.  Contact us if you might be interested in bringing this program to your area.  We are modeling this effort after some successful programs that have been done in other places including Orange County.  Contact us today!

Barry Watkins, Walkable Brevard, ph:321-355-2747, email:walkablebrevard@gmail.com

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