More And Less #1

So adopting the SmartCode in our county and cities will get us more neighborhood streets like this…


And less like this…


With the SmartCode we get more commercial streets like this…


Instead of this…


Does this help?  Support the adoption of the SmartCode in your area! Stay tuned here. Contact us for more info and to get involved in bringing greater walkability and bikeability to Brevard County! Peace.

Barry Watkins, Walkable Brevard, Ph:321-355-2747,

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One Response to More And Less #1

  1. The Smart Code is a set of policies designed to shape communities into walkable places. You can find more details under “SmartCode for Brevard” on this blog’s menu and at Feel free to add your comments and questions here or by email at It is based on the idea that we should plan communities in walkable intervals where taking care of daily needs without a car is possible.


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