Time To Fix “Suicide Lanes”!


Ok, so you’ve seen them all over our county. Suicide lanes everywhere.  You know, a continuous turn lane running down the middle of a 4-lane road?  These are a hold-over from the 1960’s.  Nobody builds roads this way anymore.  They’re unsafe for drivers, pedestrians, and bikers, and are very unattractive and ugly!  It’s time we fixed them!  We pay plenty of taxes.  Our county and city governments need to just put this basic safety feature into their budgets and bring our streets into the 21st century!

Adding landscaped medians is proven to increase property values and retail activity everywhere that it’s done.  The effort will pay for itself within a few years!  A common misconception is that reducing the number of left-turn accesses into businesses will hurt the businesses.  Actually, the case is the exact opposite!  The fact is, because the street is safer and more attractive with a landscaped median, retail sales consistently go up where they are added.  Please let your officials know that we as a community are united and want this fixed!  No more suicide lanes!


“22 Benefits of Urban Street Trees” by Dan Burden

Dan Burden’s Presentation.wmv: http://youtu.be/nQQSiMMoCXE

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