Florida Today: Brevard is Dangerous for Pedestrians and Motorcyclists

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Ya think?  Yes, it’s dangerous!  I’ve been studying walkability since 2002 and the New Urbanist planning philosophy has had some really good, practical solutions for our traffic safety concerns since the early 1980’s.  There is a New Urbanist model code that contains a set of policy changes designed to fix the very things this article is talking about and it’s being used successfully all over the US and around the world.  It’s called the SmartCode.  Here’s an article that I wrote in October:  Why We Desperately Need The SmartCode!

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3 Responses to Florida Today: Brevard is Dangerous for Pedestrians and Motorcyclists

  1. Jesse Bailey says:

    Brevard County is full of stroads – high cost, low return on investment, dangerous street/road hybrids. We need to stop building these pieces of ‘junk infrastructure’ to induce big boxes to build and start building productive places again.
    Have you checked out Strong Towns? I think you will like what they have to say.


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