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Where The Sidewalk Ends #2

A citizen complained about the walking/crossing conditions at this intersection (Aurora & Wickham in Melbourne). A year later the addition of this sign is the only thing that’s been done about it. Thanks, guys, for caring about #safety… #brevard reading

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“Junction Design the Dutch Cycle-Friendly Way”

Junction Design the Dutch Cycle-Friendly Way: Posted from WordPress for Android

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Florida is No. 1 — for pedestrian deaths

Originally posted on PostNOW:
Florida may have some of the best beaches but you could get killed crossing the street to get there. There is no state more dangerous for pedestrians than Florida, according to a report from the Governors…

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Non-Creepy New Urbanism

by Barry Watkins, 3/8/15 New Urbanism (walkable development) has gotten a bad rap in certain circles. Some say it produces places that feel “creepy” and contrived (  Some have said that New Urbanist communities feel more like movie sets than … Continue reading

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