Taming Our Most Dangerous Roads #2

wpid-img_20150501_213024.jpgBarry Watkins, 4/28/2015

We are looking at ways to improve safety on A1A and US192. These two suburban highways see the highest number of deaths for bicyclists and walkers in our county.

Here are some generalized priorities we want to consider:

  1. Slow the cars
  2. Separate cars from bikers and walkers
  3. Safe, frequent crosswalks
  4. Continuous sidewalks
  5. Reduce conflicts between cars, bikers and walkers
  6. More walkable destinations closer to residences

This is just our list of suggestions so far. Please participate in the conversation and give us all your thoughts about this subject. We would love to hear from you! http://www.twitter.com/walkablebrevard #A1A #US192

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