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Urban Sprawl: Get Fat, Stay Poor, And Die In Car Crashes Advertisements

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“Give Me Your Tired…”

A little reminder of what America is about!

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County OKs Viera Company’s request for more homes, fewer offices – VieraToday – July 2015 OR…zone mixed-use and allow the owners maximum flexibility! The SmartCode being adopted and applied here would allow this by right! The people of Brevard need to speak louder. We need to mandate that most new development in Brevard be … Continue reading

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Yes, We Can…All Just Get Along!

I know we can! Most of us who live around here all want many of the same things. We want our communities to be the best they can be. When it comes to walkability many of us really have a … Continue reading

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Help for Troubled Places #4

Why can’t my community prosper? What’s holding us back? These are some good questions to ask when we see our neighborhoods and towns in decline. Want to revitalize? Here are a few proven ways to bring struggling neighborhoods new life: … Continue reading

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Conscious Capitalism

“3 Companies Tha Are Doing Well By Doing Good” Forbes:

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Bicycle Culture by Design

Bicycle Culture by Design: Mikael Colville-Andersen at TEDxZurich I have posted this several times on our social media. Great talk about how streets need to be designed and not just engineered! #Bikes #StreetDesign

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