The “Horrors” of Mixed-Use


Average Sprawl 7-11

What are some people so afraid of when we mention mixing commercial and residential uses? Well, the picture above is a good illustration of why many people think mixing the two is a bad idea! So, what if we could ensure that neighborhood commercial looks less like the 7-11 above and more like this picture of a walkable corner neighborhood store below?


Walkable Corner Neighborhood Store

Can we? With good coding, yes! The SmartCode will do this very thing. In the SmartCode commercial, civic, and residential buildings are all held to the same high-quality standards, and commercial and civic buildings have to be compatible with nearby residential. Parking lots under the SmartCode are behind the building. Car-oriented, traffic-producing elements like drive-thrus and gas pumps would only be allowed in Special Districts away from residences.


A great way to make a place more walkable is to shorten door to door distances between different uses like commercial and residential. SmartCode style Mixed-Use zoning can help! This will go a long way toward making walking or biking valid and practical means of transportation! Here’s an article for more about building walkable neighborhoods: “A Better Way to Build Things”

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