Yes, We Can…All Just Get Along!


I know we can! Most of us who live around here all want many of the same things. We want our communities to be the best they can be. When it comes to walkability many of us really have a lot of common ground. Walkable places are good for our environment. Anyone who cares about the planet will come on board when they understand how much walkability can help. Because walkable places are compact they use less land for the population, allowing more land to be preserved for natural habitats and fresh water recharge. Walkable places also free us from car-dependency, reducing our consumption of fossil fuels and reducing air pollution.


Walkability is also very important for our health, reducing sickness and disease. Walkability helps vulnerable members of our communities – the poor, the elderly, and children. It also makes our communities prosperous by raising and maintaining property values, and helping to generate more jobs and business opportunities. Aren’t these all issues that most of us would say are important? Walkable places can impact us and our neighbors in so many positive ways, why in the world would anyone not support efforts to improve walkability? Let’s all celebrate this fact and come together to support walkability efforts in your local area!

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