FDOT: “Denied…denied…DENIED!”


When FDOT says: “Denied…denied…DENIED!” on lower speed limits, what they are really saying is “WE DON’T CARE about ped-bike deaths”!!! The safety of bicyclists and pedestrians is apparently not even on FDOT’s radar judging by their statements in this Florida Today article: http://tinyurl.com/flatoday-cape-canaveral-speeds This needs to change regarding every aspect of the FDOT’s street design criteria. It takes big changes to the design of the street to justify lowering a speed limit. If all we did was change the speed limit signs that wouldn’t actually bring speeds down. A complete overhaul of our streets is needed! This needs to be recognized at the state level and it needs to happen now! Go to this page to see the design changes we recommend for Brevard county’s streets: This Is How We Do It. #DangerousByDesign

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