Rockledge Walkability Plan, Post #5 – Mixed-Use Zoning

Barry Watkins, 13 June 2018

Image source: by Sandy Sorlien, Center for Applied Transect Studies

Conventional Land Development Codes, like the current codes that govern most of the City of Rockledge, tend to create single-use pods of development that hyper-separate office uses from retail, retail from residential, single-family residential from multi-family, and so on. A problem with the hyper-separation is it creates a lot of driving. Where we work is often way too far from where we live to walk there. We can’t walk to go shopping from work or home… Conventional, single-use zoning forces us to drive to things just to meet daily needs. The SmartCode we are advocating as a part of our proposed Walkability Plan for Rockledge takes a different approach. Walkable neighborhoods in the SmartCode use mixed-use zones called Transect zones to order the built environment. With Transect zones, T-zones for short, residential and compatible commercial can coexist on the same block or even the same building. Each SmartCode neighborhood contains a combination of mixed-use T-Zones. This allows neighborhood-friendly commercial uses to locate around the corner from homes within reasonable walking distances from each other. It’s not “anything goes”. Each T-zone preserves the desired character of the portion of the neighborhood in which it resides by controlling building heights, setbacks, allowed specific uses, building types, and even architecture, and there are other important provisions in the SmartCode that ensure compatibility and neighborly behavior between the various uses that are allowed to coexist in a walkable neighborhood. #SmartCodeBrevard

More about mixed-use and transect zoning: Let’s Mix It Up!

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