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By Barry Watkins

Hello, and Welcome!  I founded Walkable Brevard with a vision to transform our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and county into world-class examples of pedestrian- and bike- friendliness.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to making your county all that it can be.  Brevard is a great place to live, and with our lovely beaches and great weather year-round we residents love the outdoors.  There are many ways we can improve walking and biking conditions so more of us can get out and enjoy our climate even more than we do now.  Many studies and examples from around the world show us that greater walkability in our  communities will improve our health, our safety, our local economy, as well as the environment, and will propel Brevard toward a bright and prosperous future for our residents.  Join with us as we work for a more walkable and bikeable Brevard!

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Barry Watkins, Founder, Walkable Brevard, Viera, Florida, USA, 321-355-2747, walkablebrevard@gmail.com, http://www.twitter.com/walkablebrevard, http://www.facebook.com/groups/walkablebrevard

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