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Un-Sprawling Brevard – Part 1: Small Blocks

by Barry Watkins, Feb 18, 2017 Smart Growth America’s most recent “Dangerous by Design” report ranks Brevard county as the #2 most dangerous place for pedestrians in the entire US!! Here’s an article with some of the highlights: http://spacecoastdaily.com/2017/01/report-brevard-county-ranked-no-2-in-the-nation-for-most-hazardous-area-for-pedestrians/ Is … Continue reading

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The Growth Ponzi Scheme — Strong Towns


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Urban Sprawl: Get Fat, Stay Poor, And Die In Car Crashes


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The Father of the Shopping Mall

The father of the US shopping mall hated his creation! http://sprawlnation.tumblr.com/post/124381332321/the-father-of-the-american-shopping-mall-hated #RealEstate

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The “Horrors” of Mixed-Use

What are some people so afraid of when we mention mixing commercial and residential uses? Well, the picture above is a good illustration of why many people think mixing the two is a bad idea! So, what if we could … Continue reading

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Too Much to Ask?

We at Walkable Brevard just want about a 99% restructuring of the built environment in #Brevard County. Is that really too much to ask? #sprawl https://walkablebrevard.wordpress.com http://www.facebook.com/walkablebrevard https://instagram.com/p/1TZWUXSmed/ Posted from WordPress for Android

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Why Bikes are Good for Brevard County

By Wigdan Al-Guneid, June 2, 2014 In the decades following its invention in the 19th century the bicycle became a very popular way for people of all ages to exercise, explore, and commute.  After the introduction of cars in the … Continue reading

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